Sclerotherapy is a safe, minimally invasive option that can permanently eliminate smaller unwanted veins without traditional surgical procedures. Medication is injected into each affected vein. Gradually, the vein will fade from view. Depending on each patient’s condition, multiple treatments may be necessary to treat veins and improve their cosmetic appearance. Sclerotherapy can also be combined with laser treatments for optimal results especially for smaller veins.


The elimination of visible veins through the use of laser technology allows the body to absorb the damaged capillary and leaves surrounding tissue unharmed. Laser vein removal can be used for both the face and body as lasers can also directly target delicate facial vascular veins. Veins at the side of the nose are a popular area to treat. Small leg veins, especially the ones that are too small to inject with sclerotherapy are a major area of interest. The majority of patients experience little to no side effects and few report temporary redness at the treatment site. Like sclerotherapy, laser vein treatments require no downtime.

*Results may vary.