Solé Medical Spa offers top quality medical skin care products from Skin Medica and Obagi. These products are perfect for post treatment care or maintaining healthy skin any time.


This innovative, scientifically formulated, clinically tested skin care line has been featured in the nation’s top fashion and beauty magazines such as ELLE, and InStyle as well as popular talk shows like The View and The Today Show for its’ top-of-the line products. SkinMedica® products contain specialty ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, skin lighteners, vitamins C and E, and retinol that target specific concerns such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, sun damage, dark circles, scars, and more.

Dr Pierzchajlo really believes in this product line because it is strongly based on well designed peer reviewed medical studies and has personally used Skin Medica products for years. He especially loves TNS Essential Serum because it contains high concentrations of cellular growth factors – the signaling proteins that switch on the processes that build collagen and elastic tissue and help reverse many of the signs of aging.




Obagi Nu-Derm – penetrates the skin to stimulate skin cell renewal, improve circulation, promote collagen regrowth and correct surface discoloration and skin imperfections.

Obagi CLENZIderm MDTM -prescription-strength, therapeutic acne system featuring a patented form of benzoyl peroxide to treat acne, starting deep in the pores.



Latisse® is the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough lashes, growing them longer, fuller and darker. Latisse® Eyelash treatment offers those who may feel as though they suffer from inadequate eyelashes an alternative solution to building lashes up with cosmetics. With daily application of the specialized, topical solution, Latisse® encourages the growth of longer, fuller, and darker lashes and strengthens each lash while extending its growing cycle. Gradually building up the thickness and span of lashes, Latisse® is an excellent solution for those who feel as though their short or thin eyelashes prevent them from truly shining.



*Results may vary.

Solé Medical Spa offers the best is medical-grade skin care products.