Have you or someone you know ever lost weight only to find it all coming back a few months later? The goal of our weight management program is a Total Lifestyle Transformation. Our program is the first and only one of its kind in Georgia. We want to help you achieve your goals and continue a transformation that can last a lifetime.*

How often have you heard someone was eating a very low calorie diet but still could not lose weight? That is why we start by measuring your resting metabolic rate (RMR) with new technology that was previously only available for a high cost at large research centers. You would not treat blood pressure without measuring and tracking it, so how can you manage weight without knowing how many calories YOUR body needs? Find out if you have a low, average or high metabolism at Solé.

We will personalize your program with your RMR measured by our ReeVue™ System. We then check your body composition with our Tanita® Body Composition Analyzer. Finally, we input your other lifestyle variables such as occupation and amount of exercise. You choose your weight goal and you choose how quickly you want to achieve your goal. Now, we can generate a meal plan and show you how to customize it for the foods you prefer, remaining within the balance of calories and nutrients your plan requires. Lastly, we print a grocery list for all the foods you will need that week. Instead of other plans that sell you their foods and keep you coming back for more, we give you the tools to shop for your own foods and be able to continue this into the future.

If you wish, we will give you free, secure access to our website where you can continue to choose various meal plans, customize them to your favorite foods and print out a grocery list. If you like, you can log the foods you actually eat and track your calories, proteins, carbs and fats as well as other nutrients.

Some people need a little extra help to start, so we do have appetite-curbing medications available as well. But remember, this is not a weight loss program. It is all about lifelong weight management and a Total Lifestyle Transformation.*

*Results may vary.